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ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM : Regional Analysts

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Publié le 12 mai 2015

Job Purpose :
Created in 1979, Action Against Hunger (AAH) is a non-governmental organisation that fights against hunger. Its charter of humanitarian principals - independence, neutrality, non-discrimination, free and direct access to victims, professionalism, transparency - has been part of its identity for 35 years. Its mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of under-nutrition, particularly during and after emergency situations linked to conflicts or natural disasters. Action Against Hunger focuses its actions on 4 main areas of expertise : nutrition, health and healthcare practices - food security and livelihoods – water, sanitation and hygiene – advocacy. In 2013, Action Against Hunger provided aid to 8.5 million people in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Context : In order to best fulfil its mission to eliminate hunger and strategically tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition, AAH requires a solid informational basis to ensure that decision-making and advocacy is informed by the most up-to-date, rigorously assessed and properly processed information. In the light of this requirement Action Against Hunger France is introducing the use of more focused and systematic intelligence analysis in the organisation through the establishment of its ‘Regional Analyst Network’. The main objectives of the RAN are to complement and empower the existing analytical capacity of the country directors, regional and technical staff and amplify its impact.

The position : This position will work as part of a team of four Regional Analysts and the Chief Analyst. The Regional Analysts will work through a networked approach where they share information, verify sources, challenge our existing models and create new and innovative analytical products to suit the needs of the organisation.
Regional Analysts will be responsible for conducting extensive research into the prevailing humanitarian, socio-economic, geo-political and security situations in their region and create analytical products and reports to communicate their findings to key decision makers within AAH. This could include but are not limited to : scenarios, stakeholder analyses and strategic key trend analyses.

The Regional Analyst will complement AAH’s existing high degree of expert judgement with structured analytic techniques and quantitative analysis, which will externalize the
organization’s analytical process, transforming it into a collaborative effort. In order to fulfil this function the Regional Analysts will have to build an internal and external network of sources that provide the correct geographic scope and necessary levels of access and ability to verify information.

The Regional Analysts will cultivate relationships with Country Directors, Deputy Directors and Advocacy Focal Points in countries within their region to support operationalizing analysis, ensure that the material has added value and to gather feedback.

As other key staff in the organisation are trained on analytical techniques the Regional
Analysts will be responsible for supporting those within their area in using the established tools and their training.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
Mission 1 : Prepare detailed analytical reports, stakeholder, scenarios and trend analyses
- Conducting extensive research into the prevailing humanitarian, socio-economic,
geo-political, security situation in their region
- Cultivating and expanding diverse subject matter expertise on humanitarian,
socio-economic, geo-political, military, and regional stability
- Using statistical tools and models to underpin long term futures analysis
- Identifying, testing and delivering scheduled and unscheduled general key analytical
products, maps, studies, estimates, forecasts, and assessment memoranda as required
Mission 2 : Pilot and explore the use of different methodologies to create new types of analytical products
- Testing how structured analytic techniques can be better exploited by staff in the field and in developing inclusive analysis
- Using quantitative data and tools in conjunction with qualitative approaches to create a hybrid analysis
- Developing quantitative tools and models together with RAN partners
Mission 3 : Liaise with a network of internal and external expert analysts to triangulate information and reinforce findings
- Working closely with country and regional directors, international and local stakeholders in gathering information, seeking input and feedback
- Cultivating an external network of sources within the countries of specialization
- Collaborating with RAN consortium partners

Mission 4 : Empowerment and the analytical culture
- Helping with training staff to use analytical tools
- Empowering the analytical capacities of staff in the organization and supporting a culture of analysis
- Supporting other initiatives of the Strategy and Analysis department

Person Specification Experience and skills required, including qualifications
Essential :

- advanced degree in international relations, political science, sociology, statistics or the equivalent through experience
- substantial and demonstrable professional experience in government, academia, international organisations, NGOs, or think tanks
- experience in political analysis and/or conflict prevention
- a systems thinker with exceptional writing, editing and analytical skills
- experience with statistical and other forms of quantitative analysis
- must have a thorough understanding of the historical, cultural, political dynamics of the region you are applying to work in
- excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including good public presentation skills, and a very strong capacity for effective teamwork
- demonstrable ability to think critically about complex issues and evolving contexts
- ability to work in a matrix management environment ; to work independently ; to be flexible and be able to quickly adapt to shifting priorities and to change work practices and hours in the event of major emergencies including travelling at short notice and for extended periods of time. International experience is a plus
- In addition, you should have written and spoken fluency in English (with proficiency in another language within region of focus)

Desirable :
- French is desired but essential if applying for French-speaking regions
- International experience and knowledge of project cycle management is desired
- Capacity building experience desired but not essential

Length of contract : 2 Years fixed term contract, starting no later than the middle of July 2015

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