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All applicants should please send their CV and cover motivation letter under the reference “MIO TEMBO deployment” to

Publié le 10 mai 2019


Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.
MSF is a civil society initiative that brings together individuals committed to the assistance of other human beings in crisis. As such MSF is by choice an association. Each individual working with MSF does it out of conviction and is ready to uphold the values and principles of MSF.
The MSF movement is built around five operational directorates supported by MSF’s 21 sections, 24 associations and other offices together worldwide. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams ; together with the organizational units based in Barcelona, Athens and decentralised in Nairobi, Dakar and Amman. The field operations are guided and supported by 5 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations, including the TEMBO Program.


In 2017, MSF OCBA was awarded the possibility of carrying out a Transformational Investment Programme by the MSF international movement, with the overall objective of transforming the way MSF staff works and learns in the organization.
The program, which is named TEMBO (elephant in Swahili) and has the foreseen duration of three years, aims to provide MSF workers with personal learning and development environments (PLDE) – a learning approach and system that helps learners to take control and manage their own learning and, therefore, their own development. Customized to each individual needs and learning competences, this personally-managed space will allow real-time effective access to a wide range of learning and development solutions.
TEMBO will help MSF staff to solve their immediate needs, and at the same time offer effective means to boost their motivation and develop knowledge and competencies for their professional future, in a versatile way. This will require an adequate balance between organisational and individual needs, and will be implemented across the organisation through an important cultural change component, and a mindful effort to diminish or eliminate those barriers that prevent our people from learning and developing themselves effectively.
TEMBO will offer staff a complete solution that complements the current Learning Management System (MSF e-Campus) with procedures, strategies and tools to enhance people’s control over their own learning and development. In other words, will permit the learning that happens in the workplace and through interactions with others by supporting :

  • Learning in the workplace through experience, practice and reflection
  • Social learning through both professional and personal networks
  • Performance supporting tools such as job aid tools, interactive tools, videos, guidelines
    Besides, TEMBO will provide adapted learning solutions to the different segments of individuals according to their needs, backgrounds and capacities.
    Additionally, this project includes the development of a number of other products for the organisation such as knowledge management tools.
    The TEMBO ecosystem is composed of 4 components which form the sub-projects or workstreams of the overall TEMBO program :
  • PLDE+OLE Ecosystem & Digital Infrastructures Enhancement design and implementation provides the different technologies and infrastructure that will support learning : LMS, Certification System, Al Learning System, Mobile App and Local Servers.
  • My future development defines the career and learning paths (frameworks) needed for development and learning and systems to certify knowledge and competences acquired.
  • Tembo Adoption Framework and field implementation – to deploy TEMBO to the field, ensuring adoption and scale-up across all missions.
  • MSF Knowledge Flow and Content Refinement upgrades and expands current learning and development solutions and content in each of the key domains (operations, medical, logistics, HR, etc.) that MSF staff will reach through their personal learning environment in TEMBO. It also includes connecting with others in Communities of Practices and provides Community Managers to facilitate conversations and ensure high quality content knowledge and tools.


After almost two years of investments developing the foundation of the project and learning from the initial pilots, the program will enter the adoption, deployment and scaling-up phase with the use of TEMBO in our field projects.
During 2019 we expect to deploy the TEMBO platform including different resources ( ElSoL, Clinical skills, CoP’s, Digital pioneers selected,e-campus courses, ops manual, PMR resource).


The main objective of the TEMBO MIO is to support the implementation and adoption of the overall learning process within the TEMBO platform (PLDE) at mission level.
o Along with the TAF project manager, define the set of standard procedures to be applied in field missions regarding the successful implementation and adoption of TEMBO tools and catalyse the knowledge transfer to the field missions and HQ team mates.

  • Ensure that the adoption at mission level is in line with the already used learning solutions and depending on the circumstances liaise with MIO of learning unit. In close collaboration with Tembo IT team ensure the adoptionof Tembo learning solutions giving prompt feedback to Tembo team on improvements needed as well as on adoption strategies to guarantee field missions members make the most of TEMBO ecosystem services in the short and lung run.
    The Field MIO TEMBO will be under the supervision of the Project manager for Tembo Adoption and Deployment.
  • Visit OCBA missions in order to put in place the different adoption measures for the TEMBO learning solutions (PLDE).
  • Adapt and document adoption measures to each mission characteristics through close collaboration with the identified key actors at mission level (HRCO, development manager, HoM).
  • Assess the current system and learning opportunities in place in the mission and propose, in collaboration with learning unit, plans and SOP’s Tembo at field level.
  • Work in close collaboration with TEMBO IT MIO’s for the successful adoption at mission level.
  • Help to define the evaluation plans with the purpose of analyzing the adoption of TEMBO in each mission.
  • Ensure a coherent documentation (processes, procedures and others knowledge assets/tools) is available for field teams at all levels.
  • Collaborate with the communication responsible in creationg new material for communication (eg : record or documents stories in the missions).
  • Become available for preparation of TEMBO tools, guidance documents and SOP’s on deployment and adoption.
  • Be available for a fast deployment to emergencies in which TEMBO learning solutions need to be implemented rapidly.


  • Experience as a trainer (preparation, delivery, etc) and keen interest on innovative learning solutions, co-design and co-creation. Experience in developing training solutions with user centricity.
  • Digitally competent and experience with learning technologies is desirable
  • MSF experience in the field
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Fluent in French and English. Spanish and Arabic is an asset.


  • Commitment to MSF’s Principles
  • Cross-cultural Awareness
  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Strategic Vision
  • Results and Quality Orientation
  • Service Orientation
  • Initiative and Innovation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation


  • Willingness to work in the field up to 80% of the time with a flexible schedule.
  • Willingness to visit projects in unstable contexts.


  • HQ position home based, with frequent field visits (up to 80% of the time)
  • 6 months contract, extendable
  • Full time
  • Salary Scale : B7
  • Gross annual salary : 26,981.28 Euros (divided into 12 months payments) + secondary benefits based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy
  • Practical working conditions while in the field are as per the MSF-OCBA guideline
  • Starting : immediately


  • All applicants should please send their CV and cover motivation letter under the reference “MIO TEMBO deployment” to
  • Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME
  • Closing date : 26th of May, 2019
  • Replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.
  • Médecins Sans Frontieres, as a responsible employer, under article 38 of “Ley de Integración Social del Minus válido de 1982 (LISMI)” invite those persons with a recognized disability and with an interest in the humanitarian area to apply for the above mentioned position.