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Délai d’envoi le 21 août à l’adresse

Publié le 21 août 2013

VECO West Africa, Regional Office, Ouagadougou

Job purpose
Promote structural changes in order to improve competitiveness of local rice sub-sector vis-à-vis imported rice

regional level
− develop, align and adjust programme strategies and policies for rice sub-sector development with inclusion of smallholder farmers at national and regional level in line with the VE global strategies and policies
− coordinate actions at regional level promoting exchanges and upscaling and leading to structural changes at regional level
− provide strategic, methodological and technical guidance to programme staff to design, plan, implement, monitor and adjust actions achieving structural changes
− ensure strategic, methodological and technical guidance by the BDS expertto programme staff to design, plan, implement, monitor and adjust inclusive and competitive chain strategies and business models within selected pilots
− acts as Chargé de programme Développement Filière Riz for Niger

reports to : Regional Representative

− guide and supervise the alignment of the selected pilots with the strategy for competitive local rice chains and with their contribution to the planned structural changes
− guide programme staff to document and translate the outcomes of the pilots as evidence for achieving structural changes and upscaling
− follow up and coordination of monitoring and documenting of changes at pilot level and structural changes in the various countries
− carry out actions geared at achieving the structural change agendas (SCA) at regional level, more particularly changes in import regulations favouring local rice
− organize learning and reflexion spaces on competitive rice chains at regional level
− monitor the establishment and strengthening of close relationships with various private companies in the region interested in sustainable sourcing of local rice from smallholder farmers
− monitor the establishment and strengthening of networking with other organisations in the region that have a stake in the structural change agendas
− analyse and document the changing context in relation to the business environment, the rice sub-sector, the market … and with regards to opportunities with/demands from other companies
− inventorise and document experiences of other organisations on development of competitive rice chains in the region
− collect and process information, analysis, lessons learned to allow programme management to readjust its programmes

Knowledge andskills :
− Has an in depth understanding of the functioning of value chains from production to consumption
− In depth knowledge of the institutional environment and how to bring about changes (Theory of Change)
− Programme Cycle Management
− Facilitation of Multi-Stakeholders-Processes
− Has a good understanding of regional and global market dynamics
− Has a good understanding of sourcing policies of companies
− Has a global vision, is able to see problems from different angles.
− Communicates clearly in a variety of settings and styles and has good networking skills
− Can persuade and inspire individuals and groups.
− Has an understanding of human psychology
− Can get messages across that have the desired effect

General skills :
− Good computer operation Word, Excel, PowerPoint
− Good proficiency in English (speaking and writing)

Attitude :
− Strategic thinker
− Entrepreneurial approach
− Communicativenetworker
− Systematicandanalytical
− Result-oriented
− Facilitating
− Coordinating
− Team-oriented
− Learning-oriented

Master Degree in Agriculture, Economics, Sociology or equivalent by experience

Experience :
At least 5 years in value chain development in West Africa, preferably focussed on rice,working with a variety of stakeholders, and having a leading role in programme management